Studies on Asia

Series IV, Vol. 3, No. 1, March 2013

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Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs

Editor: Ali Riaz

Associate Editors: Noboru Tomonari and Subho Basu

Book Review Editor: Greg Guelcher

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Studies on Asia

Special Section: "Japan in Perspective: Visual Narratives of Difference in Japanese History"

Guest Editor: Jinhee Lee

March 2013
Jinhee Lee 1
Doyoung Park 6
Nobuko Toyosawa 25
Valerie H. Barske Visualizing Priestesses or Performing Prostitutes?: Ifa Fuyu's Depictions of Okinawan Women, 1913-1943 65
Jinhee Lee "Malcontent Koreans (Futei Senjin)": Towards a Geneaology of Colonial Representation of Koreans in the Japanese Empire 117
  Regular Section March 2013
Bashir Ahmed and Mohammad Tarikul Islam The Role of Union Parishad in Rural Dispute Resolution in Bangladesh: an Evaluation in the Light of People's Perception 188
Chia-rong Wu Re-Positioning Taiwan: Spatial Politics and Cultural Landscape in Dancing Crane's Heterogeneous Writing 211
Douglas P. Sjoquist Commentary: Corporate Hinduism in America: The Usurpation of Hindu Language and Culture 241
Book Reviews    
J. Jeffrey Zink Peter Nolan. Is China Buying the World?, Malden, MA: Polity Press, 2012. 147pp. (ISBN 9780745660783) 252
Yue Zhang Zhang Haihui, Zeng Yingzi, and Zhou Luo. Zhongguo gudian shige Yingwen ji qita xiwen yuzhong yizuo ji suoyin [Classical Chinese Poems and their Western Translations: Extensive Indexes to Recent Renderings], Beijing: Guojia tushuguan chubanshe, 2009. 275 pp. (ISBN 9787501340774) 257
Gerd Jendraschek B.R. Myers. The Cleanest Race: How North Koreans see themselves and why it Matters?, Brooklyn: Melville House, 2008. 200 pp. (ISBN 9781933633916)


Greg P. Guelcher C.T. Assendelft de Coningh. A Pioneer in Yokohama, edited & translated by Martha Chaiklin. Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Co., 2012. 162 pp. (ISBN 9781603848367) 267