Studies on Asia

Series IV, Vol. 2, No. 1, March 2012

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Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs

Editor: Ali Riaz

Associate Editors: Noboru Tomonari and Subho Basu

Book Review Editor: Greg Guelcher

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Studies On Asia SERIES IV, VOL. 2, NO. 1 March 2012
Xianghong Feng Chicken and Family Prosperity: Martial Ritual among the Miao in Southwest China (pdf) 1
Lauren Prusinski Wabi-Sabi, Mono no Aware, and Ma: Tracing Traditional Japanese Aesthetics through Japanese History (pdf) 25
Zackary Kaplan Anti-Americanism in Zengakuren 1957-1960 (pdf) 50
Edoardo Monaco Environmental Preservation and Development in the Kingdom of Bhutan:Utopia or Inspiration (pdf) 71
Book Reviews  
William B. Noseworthy The Cham of Vietnam: History, Society and Art (pdf) 83
Sreya Chatterjee Walking with the Comrades (pdf) 88