Studies on Asia

Series II, Vol 1, No. 1, 1968

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Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs
Asian Studies Center, Michigan State University
General Editor: Grant K. Goodman

©2004 Asian Studies Center, Michigan State University

Studies On Asia SERIES II, VOL. 1, NO. 1 1968
Grant K. Goodman Editor's Preface (pdf) v
David Wurfel Introduction (pdf) vi
Marius B. Jansen The Meiji Restoration(pdf) 2
Sidney DeVere Brown Political Assassination in Early Meiji Japan: The Plot Against Okubo Toshimichi(pdf) 18
Barbara Teters The Otsu Affair: The Formation of Japan's Judicial Conscience(pdf) 36
Frank F. Wong The Meiji Model and Chinese Constitutional Reformers (pdf) 64
E. Thadeus Flood The Shishi Interlude in Old Siam: An Aspect of the Meiji Impact in Southeast Asia (pdf) 78