Studies on Asia

Series I, Vol. 2, 1961

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Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs
Asian Studies Center, Michigan State University
Editor: Linda Cooke Johnson

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 The editiorial board of Studies on Asia wishes to express its appreciation to University of Nebraska Press for permission to reproduce the eight volumes of Studies on Asia, Series I.

Studies On Asia SERIES I, VOL. 2 1961
  Front Matter and Table of Contents (pdf) i
Robert K. Sakai Introduction(pdf) vii
Robert I. Crane Problems of Divergent Developments within Indiari Nationalism, 1895-1905(pdf) 1
Minoo Adenwalla Hindu Concepts and the Gita in Early Indian National Thought(pdf) 16
Philip S. Thomas Allocation of Investment in India (pdf) 24
Ralph M. Miwa The Anatomy of an Ideology: Japanese Imperialism (pdf) 38
Manuel Sarkisyanz On the place of U Nu’s Buddhist Socialism in Burma’s History of Ideas(pdf) 53
Fred R.
von der Mehden
The Changing Pattern of Religion and Politics in Burma(pdf) 63
Richard Butwell Civilians and Soldiers in Burma(pdf) 74