Studies on Asia

Series I, Vol. 1, 1960

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Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs
Asian Studies Center, Michigan State University
Editor: Linda Cooke Johnson

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Studies On Asia SERIES I, VOL. 1 1960
  Front Matter and Table of Contents (pdf) i
Robert K. Sakai Introduction(pdf) vii
C. Northcote Parkinson The Renaissance of Asia (pdf) 1
Brijen K.Gupta Indian Response to Early Western Contacts in Bengal, 1650 – 1756(pdf) 9
Nathan Talbott T’an Ssu-t’ung and the Ether (pdf) 20
Charles Kaut Process and Structure in a Philippines Lowland Settlement (pdf) 35
R. E. Downs A Rural Community in Kelantan, Malaya (pdf) 51
M. Bronfenbrenner Notes on the Productivity Campaign in Japan (pdf) 63
Yuan-li Wu Reported Increases in Labor Productivity in Communist China (pdf) 79
Robert S. Goralski Radio Broadcasting in Asia and the “Voice of America” (pdf) 88